Monday, February 9, 2009

Science Experiment

Why is it that even the best laid plans are sure to fail?

McKinley had a science experiment that we've know about all year. Design a brand new invention, make it, come up with a marketing campaign, do market research, and write pages and pages of information about it.

Oh, and print everything out and attach it to a display board.

McKinley worked for weeks on it. A little bit every night. But of course, on the last night there was still too much that had to be done.

She did it all herself. I just sat and tried not to complain about the mess. After 11 she finally finished. She was so tired I told her just to get in bed. After she was gone I actually surveyed the aftermath.

How can one child and one assignment make this much of a mess?

We survived though.

Sure hope she gets a good grade:)

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