Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Presidents Day!!

It's my favorite day of the year!

Forget Christmas, it's Presidents Day!!

With three daughters named after presidents it's a day of celebration.

I'll be making Chicken in Every Pot Pie, Lincoln Log Cheese Ball, Watergate Salad, and Cherry Pie. Oh, and we'll be constructing Lincoln Log Cabins.

A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage was Hoover's campaign slogan. Since it was the beginning of the depression people needed a promise like that!

I'll, of course, be taking pictures and will bore you for at least two days with all things presidential.

I'm warning you!

So for now, enjoy your day off and be thankful for the wonderful men who have helped shape our country:)


Cozyflier said...

Can't wait for pictures and recipes!

Coachdad said...

Sounds great... Instead of pics, can you fedex me some?

Margaret Glyn said...

Yea for President's Day and for the three precious great-granddaughters who give so much joy! Gigi