Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a little more Photoshop

I had a little free time last night and found the most recent Photoshop tutorial on Pioneer Woman.

I started with this cute picture of my girls.

Liking each other.

For a moment.

Luckily I got a picture while it lasted.

I loved what it did but felt it needed a little extra something.
After framing it I got what I wanted.
Now I have to print it and hang it on a wall I see often. To remind me that they actually like each other.


Robin said...

Beautiful photo! It's amazing what the black frame does for the pic.

Debbie said...

Label it Christmas Joy. The girls look beautiful. What I really wanted to know was how was the 11 mile run today? I am so proud of you for pushing yourself like that and persevering. Keep it up because you are inspiring me and probably many others.

Kelly said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures...I gave up on photshop...I guess I'll wait a while till I'm ready to buy then spend more time with it.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

miruspeg said...

I'll say just one word:
I agree with Robin the black frame really enhances the photo.