Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That was it?

I have millions of cousins. Well, not millions, but there are a bunch of us. My cousin Melanie was in town recently at her parents (my aunt and uncles) and we were asked out for dinner, bedlam football, a parade, and a tree lighting. So Saturday night found us headed off to Guthrie.

Guthrie was the original state capital of Oklahoma so the buildings on Main Street date back really far. If I had more time I'd research that for you and let you know the exact date, but I'm just taking a short break from Christmas decorating. Oh, and dessert.
We walked main looking in shop windows and ended up at a coffee shop for a little warmth. When we heard the sirens heralding the start of the parade we headed to our corner and got comfy.
We are parade people.

Our local 4th of July parade is a sight to behold. Mainly because of this guy.

Still, our small town does it up right. We expected the original capital to do as well.

The sparse crowd should have been a warning.

Here are a few of the entrants.

The Girl Scouts.
Okay, work with me here. This is a miniature horse pulling a miniature carriage. The reason it's blurry is not because I don't know what setting to use on my camera but because they were going about 20 miles an hour. There were two others but they were gone before my camera could focus.
There were about 5 old cars but again, at 20 miles an hour, this is all I got. Oh, and this guy. Thankfully he was going slow enough I got a picture.
And then...wait, that was it. We all looked at each other for a few seconds and then started laughing. We sat in the cold for that? Oh well, we decided to hang out for the tree lighting. People were already gathering across the street in front of the post office. We could see the gigantic tree from where we were sitting and decided to stay.

We heard clapping and then the crowd started counting down from 10. We made sure all the kids knew to look at the enormous tree and listened until the crowd got to 1.

You have to be kidding me. It wasn't the big tree. It was a 5 or 6 foot evergreen that was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. The lights on it had to have been done by a 5 year old. It wasn't even worth taking a picture of.

We laughed some more and headed back to the house for some bedlam!

The night wasn't a total loss. OU won and we had some good cousin time.
What could be better?


Mel said...

We live in a very small town that has it's share of "parades" (although we do put on a fantastic 4th of July celebration :) and we don't even have a "tree." Too funny! At least the time with family made it worth while.

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous that you have seen my niece before I have. Well, I must say, there are some spectacular parades and tree lightings in Indianapolis, so if you ever decide to head north for the holidays, I'll make sure to take you to those spots :)

And, BTW, I'll be an OU fan till I die.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

This is so funny.Only in Oklahoma. Tell everyone you're having a parade or festival and then worry later about whether or not there is actually going to be any floats or activities. Reminds me of a friend I knew who drove all the way to the Rattlenake Festival in the hinterlands of Rural Oklahoma, only to find ONE lone rattler in a tiny little pit and some funnel cakes for sale. That picture of that bicycle guy - just cracked me up.

Jeremy and Melanie said...

We had so much fun with you, despite the "parade". Tell the girls thank you for entertaining my kiddos for an evening!

Crazed Mom's Man said...

I'm using the ballerina costume as my profile pic!