Thursday, December 18, 2008

The magic of the pantry

Since my pantry is underneath the stairs it is quite the odd shape. You basically have to fold yourself in half and insert yourself into it.

Luckily I'm short.

And bendy.

I'm deep into the massive Red Hot Popcorn campaign and going through Red Hots like water. A quick trip to the store was in order last night. Three boxes later I felt better. It takes 9 oz. for each recipe and since each box is 7 oz. I have to have at least two. While at the store again today I found three more boxes.

Why not? We're also using them in another recipe this holiday. So now, six boxes purchased, one and a half at home, I was comforted.

When I got home with enough groceries for the whole neighborhood I decided to clean out the pantry while I had the time and the obvious loss of my mind.

Look what I ended up with.

I think I'm good for a while.

Maybe some other time I'll tell you what else I found in the pantry.

But not yet.

I need to work through it.


Robin said...

That's a lot of Redhots! You have to send me some of that popcorn sometime.

Melissa said...

Hey, we tried your recipe and used it for gifts this year. Brad decided that all the extra was his and consumed massive amounts of it in one evening. Thanks for the great recipe.

jean said...

That's hilarious! You should be set for a long time - you can make red hot popcorm for Valentine's Day!