Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Tradition

I grew up with a very health conscious dad.

It was the early 70's.

It was a movement.

We were members of a produce co-op that met two Saturdays a month. It was a great group of people and I have fond memories of playing with all the kids.

My favorite part of the co-op?

Christmas tree cutting day.

One of the members had several hundred acres in the Oklahoma countryside and we would spend a Saturday eating tons of delicious food and climbing into the back of trucks and starting the hunt. I helped pick the main tree but also got to choose a small one for my room.

Don't you just love my very mod 1970's wallpaper? I wish I still had that.

I also spent way too much time gathering Queen Anne's Lace, I don't remember what I did with it. But there was always plenty!

Our trees over the years were a lot like Charlie Browns but I wouldn't have it any other way!

See the lovely orange bicycle?

I still have it! And yes, I even rode around on it for a while. But my knees really hurt. Probably because they were up near my armpits.

After Shawn and I were married we started talking about our Christmas traditions. I told him that I'd never had an artificial tree and certainly wasn't going to start anytime soon! Luckily he had also grown up with real trees and indulged me. Over the last 13 Christmases we have gotten our trees at several different places; privately owned lots, military bases, home improvement stores, and friends properties. For the last three years we have had the pleasure of thinning out the trees at a friends property. They have four really cute boys so it's an extra perk:)

We started the trek down into the ravine. Is it a ravine? I know it's not a cliff. Oh well. We went down.

We passed the carnage from last year and took a moment to reflect.

We walked farther then we've ever gone before and finally decided on one. Everyone took a turn with the ax except me. Someone had to take pictures and pray we all kept our fingers and toes. And noses. And ears.

Shawn easily hoisted it on the car while I took pictures of weeds.

Kennedy took over my job for me. I still checked to make sure they'd done it correctly though. I'm all about quality control.

And my favorite part of this whole process? This picture. I take one every year. And tear up.

I love traditions.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Are you tearing up because the girls are getting big or because of the carnage of the treeI cvant type anything right now!

miruspeg said...

Stef, I too love tradition and I love these old and new photos you have shown us here.

I laughed when you said about your 'quality control'...I am the same way, can't help myself!

Decorating the tree is also a great joy no matter what age you are.