Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tulsa Mountains

I grew up in one town listening to a radio station in another one. My mom loved a radio personality that was in a town 2 hours away. Luckily AM stations can go the distance. The only problem with that was we always knew what the weather was, in another town. We always knew where the traffic tie ups were, on different highways. I always heard what was on the lunch menu, at a school I never attended.

I just got used to hearing about everything Tulsa.

The dj would talk about 'The Tulsa Mountains' during the winter season. He discussed the ski slopes and even had names for some of them. The one I remember hearing the most was 'Pantyhose Run'. Years later when I met and married a man from a Tulsa suburb I realized there were no 'Tulsa Mountains'. It's hilly, but not mountainous.

Well, today I have discovered the mountains.

We are visiting for family Christmas and since it's Saturday morning I have a group run with TNT. I met up with the Tulsa Team at 96th and Riverside. I was excited to run around the river and take in the views. Um, no. The first 6 miles were the opposite direction from the views I was anticipating. We headed out and 1/2 a mile in encountered our first hill.

I hate hills.


Yep, all 6 miles were continually up. When we turned around at 3 I realized I had been going down a little from time to time but hadn't realized it. That meant more hills on the way back. We also were running right next to the turnpike which isn't the quietest place. It was miserable! Luckily the last 4 miles were next to the river. But by then I was worn out and just wanted to be done!

So John Earling, I've now seen the 'Tulsa Mountains'.

They're lovely.

I hope to never run them again.


Anonymous said...

LOL...I can relate to hearing the news/weather from a town you don't live. I can tell you all about Denver's issues but nothing about Breck...unless I read it in the paper the NEXT day.
As far as the 'Tulsa Mountains' well..I loved to bike those mountains last summer. The uphill climb on the west side of the river can be brutal...I thought my chain was going to break some times. There are even better ones just north and west of the city. Do run them some time.

Kelly said...

I had to loose the 20 pounds, because over the next two weeks that is probably just how much I will gain back, since I won't be at the Y till Jan 5th!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I loved John Earling and was really sad when he retired from the radio. The station was never the same. I had not thought about the "Tulsa Hills" like that since I don't run but my husband does and when I shared this post with him he totally agreed! How proud you must be for your running accomplishments!!!

miruspeg said...

Steph these stories about your running are marvelous!

They remind my of the Forrest Gump movie the part when on a whim, Forrest elects to go for a run and he keeps running across the country several times.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.