Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Thank goodness for Facebook! I got the answer to my question. This is from a friend from high school. Well, I don't know that we were friends...acquaintances? We didn't run in the same circle. Well, in a class of 72 there really weren't that many circles.

Have I lost you all?

I guess I'm saying...thank goodness for the internet! I now have a relationship with people that I knew in high school but didn't know like I wish I could have.

Now, knew, know. My goodness. I sound so theological.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading at this point, here's her reply.

She is married to a military man who is currently deployed. She's raising two boys while he's gone.

LOL.... I totally get ya. We live very close to the border and even going to Walmart or Target is a multi-national event. I am often the only English speaker in line to check out. Irritates me like none other when I have to tell the salesperson to speak English.

The "candy" is probably Tamarind flavored. The kids all eat stuff like that in Hawaii and here in AZ. It is spicy, smokey, sour, and paired with dried squid strips or sweet sticky candy here....gross... but the kids like it. It even comes in a powdered, salty form and the kids shake it out of the little plastic shakers and lick it off their hands. They also eat salted plums(salditos) stuck in fruit, yuck.

Even though it's gross, don't you love the new experiences? That is what I love about being in a military family; we are always learning and trying new things.

Well, I learned something today!


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Wendelyn DeMoss said...

It is great to reconnect with friends and acquaintances. I like the "its a small world" posts! Hope you are doing well for the run. Don't know about you but I am ready for this cold weather this week to be OVER!