Monday, December 8, 2008

Can't Decide

I need advice.

Should I go run right now in 40 mph winds...


...wait until tomorrow and run in the forecasted snow?

I wish I could run 4 miles with the wind at my back but then how would I get home?

I just got new white running shoes. How messy would they get in snow?

I could go run indoors but I'm so much sorer when I do that.

I could just stay on the couch all day.

I could just get back in bed!

I just don't know...zzzzzzzzzzzzz...


Melissa said...

My suggestion - either run in the wind or run outside. You are more likely to slip and fall in the snow (speaking from experience in Indiana). Right now, I'm doing all my running inside as it has been snowing for about a week straight.

miruspeg said...

Wow choices eh!
I would run with the wind and then ask someone to pick me up for the return journey.

Are you having fun yet!!!

You have inspired me to go for my daily walk now.

Thanks Steph.