Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Being a 'Funk' you are required to like several breakfast items. I grew up learning to love and appreciate them. One that has been passed down through many generations of my family is Crepes. I make them often during the summer for dinner when fresh fruit is in abundance.

I just love having breakfast for dinner.

When we take a trip to see my uncle and aunt in Lubbock you can guarandamntee that we'll have them while we're here.

My uncle uses the traditional family recipe, tasting and tweaking it as he goes until he gets it just right. I personally use a Betty Crocker recipe because I have to have exact measurements.

Even though we're here this time to see my uncle following his two heart attacks in two weeks, he still got up our first morning and made us breakfast.

Luckily he had some help.

It takes a village to feed the Funk family.

Eight times the recipe makes a bunch so Kevin got right to work.

As quickly as the stack would start to grow the demand would knock it down.

Remember when I mentioned the two heart attacks? After many, many crepes it was time for reinforcements. Luckily this guy showed up.

Remember him? He showed up just in time and took over for his dad.
He had to get all fancy on us, but it was certainly entertaining!

He made some amazing connections with plates.

Not mine though. I panic when things are coming at me.

Even when it's my favorite breakfast food!


Allyson said...

What is the difference between crepes and pancakes??

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