Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Berries Attack

We have a beautiful Yaupon Holly tree in our front yard. I've photographed it before and shared it on here. I love the tree. I love clipping it in December and using it to decorate for Christmas. I love that it hides the part of the house that needs to be stripped and re-painted. But what I don't like? When the berries turn black. And attack.

It happens every year, but as the tree matures, the attack gets bigger and bigger every year. It doesn't usually bother us because we don't spend a lot of time on the edge of the driveway. But since I drive through it to get in and out of the garage from time to time smashed berries do appear in the house and in my car.

But the night we had our family party my Aunt Janis parked in the worst possible spot. And then got out of the car in her tennis shoes. With the first step that she took the berries infiltrated each and every crevice in the bottom of her shoes. She didn't notice, who would? When she walked into the house I didn't notice right away but soon enough I was drawn to the black footprints across my beige carpet. So between all the other stuff I was doing, I cleaned the carpet and warned other people. Poor Janis, she spent about 20 minutes with a wire brush and an ice pick cleaning out all those crevices.

There's something about the berry once it's smashed. It becomes like super glue. Trust me, I've had a few stuck to the bottom of my bare foot lately. It's like removing a wart from a witches nose.

During her cleaning time Shawn went outside and swept the berries over so she wouldn't step in them again. A few days later he took a straight edged shovel out because the smashed ones were hermetically sealed to the concrete. But I called him in for dinner before the massive pile was cleaned up. And a week later neither one of us had taken the time to dispose of them. So a week of driving over them? Yeah, it got ugly.So a few days ago I attacked. With a push broom with a scraper on one side and a shovel, I fought the berries...and won.

And then we trimmed the tree and shook tons of berries back down.


We are under attack once again.


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jean said...

Your Spring is coming earlier than ours here in OH, b/c my berries haven't started falling yet - but I'm SO looking forward to it...(not!) I never know what to do with them once I get them swept up in the shovel.