Monday, March 7, 2011

The Annual Yearbook Pimple

Don't worry. I'm not going to show you a picture of it. You'd never speak to me again.

Well, read me again.

But if you are going to make me a part of your life, you need to know this.

When I get stressed one of two things is bound to happen. My face either breaks out or I get a huge migraine.

Year one of the yearbook nothing happened. Basically because the person I was assisting didn't let me do anything. Year two when I was in charge I had a migraine on the final day and spent several hours curled in a ball on the floor of the computer room closet crying. Every year since then I've had one big yearbook pimple. Of course when it's stress related it appears on my chin. The hardest place to cover. Unless I become Muslim and cover everything but my eyes. Sadly I think people would worry if I did that for a few days each year.

So I worry every year about what's going to happen, as well as if I'll finish it on time. Do I want a migraine that will last one day but keep me in bed curled in a ball the whole day in intense pain, or do I want at least two weeks of being embarrassed by my face? Really. What would you choose? I usually opt for the pimple and thank God I don't get a migraine. But still. Shouldn't it disappear the minute the yearbook is submitted? It's only fair I think.

But I submitted all my pages a few hours ag0 and it's still there. Probably because the teacher and friend that works with me and does all the classroom pages submitted hers and something went horribly wrong with the names. As in it renamed the children. That is a big problem.

I guess the pimple is now a sympathy pimple.

Still...good grief.


Nicki said...

No pics of the blemish? Bummer! My face is loaded with zits. I look like a pubescent boy!!

jean said...

Well, at least now I know where mine came from - a sympathy pimple for you! :-) And I think I'd rather have a zit than a migraine, although it really annoys me that I'm still getting zits at my age.