Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now I've Seen It All

McKinley, the girl who begged for braces, could so be done.  Sadly she's only 15 months into 28.  She's sooo regretting asking for them.  But as of today the hated Herbst is gone!  The orthodontist only does adjustments after 3 (after school) so she had to miss school to get it removed.  Since our school has exemptions which means no semester tests, it is not good to miss school.  3 absences and you're taking the tests.  That is a big deal.  So we waited an extra month and got a 7:30 a.m. appointment.  That for a child who sleeps until the last possible minute to get up and get ready for school was hard.  But worth it.

The Herbst came off easily enough but they had to put spacers in to make room for what would come next week.  The spacers hurt.  By the time she got home she was miserable.  She actually said she'd rather have the Herbst back on.  That my friends, is huge.

So what's a starving girl with tooth pain supposed to do?
Use a straw, of course! 

Shawn has no excuse...except that he wanted to see if the peas in the salad would fit through the straw.  So like I said, no excuse.

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