Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We've needed a new roof since....2 years before we moved in. I'd always thought I wanted a wood shingle roof until we got here. When we bought the house our insurance said they wouldn't cover the roof unless we replaced the ridge on the pool house. We did and we've had a good relationship ever since. Well, until we tried to get our roof replaced. 5 times over about 3 years. Every roofer that said, "I know I can get your insurance to approve it." Every time, they were wrong. And guess what happened after that fifth try? Our insurance dropped us. What were we to do? We went with a different company. The day we signed the paperwork Shawn called the old company and told them he was planning on switching our car insurance. They asked why? Um, duh. When he told them they asked what they could do to keep us. Well, let me about fix our roof. They agreed! So which of the 5 companies to go with? Easy choice. A friend in Sunday School has a roofing company. When our friend fell off his roof while working on it, Bill sent his crew to finish the job. Free of charge. And the next day in Sunday School, he gave the family $500 of his own money. I didn't consider anyone else. Two days before they were to start I was working on the front bushes and decided some of the front tree branches should be cut to help the roofers. I spent an hour on a wobbly ladder with some hand trimmers and then a small saw. I'm not going to lie, it was ugly. My hair got caught, I scrapped my arms, I couldn't reach what I wanted to. Ugh. Shawn got home from computer tutoring, pulled out the chainsaw, and finished the job in about 10 minutes. What is it about a man and a chainsaw? We did discuss what to cut and what not to cut, but a lot was cut. One we both agreed should be glued back on. You can't do that, just in case you didn't know. The tree looked better though. And my trimming of the bushes looked good. But now we need to paint the house and get new windows. Wish we could break up with our insurance and get those two things done as well.

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