Monday, March 28, 2011


There's a restaurant around these parts that's known for it's fried chicken. 

We've never been able to go because it's over 30 minutes away and Shawn has to be that close to the hospital.  But something happened tonight.  He wasn't on call.  I don't know how that happened.  I don't think he is either.  But we decided to celebrate.  With chicken.  We're fancy around these parts.  The girls had a piano thingie at 7:30 so even though he wasn't on call, we still had to rush.  Luckily it was a miserable rainy day and the highway was almost empty and there was plenty of seating when we got there. 

If you're going for fancy, this is not your place.  You seat yourself, there's no printed menu (it's hung on the wall and shellaced into the table top), and no plates.  Luckily I'm a sucker for history so it's all okay. 
But there is one problem.  I don't do bones.  I eat meat that's on a bone...but only if someone removes it for me.  Luckily I married an awesome man who is willing to do that for me.  But I also got a BBQ sandwich just in case:)  Let me just say, I was the only one who didn't care for the chicken.  Or the sandwich.  And I couldn't have the nachos because they used canned cheese.  But the fried okra??  So worth the whole experience. 

Oh, and the windows made it more fun.

So if you ever find yourself in, of all places, Okarche, Oklahoma, stop by and get yourself some Eischen's.

And let me know if you don't like meat on the bone.  I can't be the only one.

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Cozyflier said...

After med school your Uncle Kevin Won't eat Fried Chicken. He can identify every part of it!!