Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Little Chefs

My aunt was a public school music teacher for over 30 years. She was amazing. Well, she still is as a private voice teacher. I gave birth to three of her students.

She had an annual tradition for many years called the Kidnap Breakfast. A team of parents would have a list of addresses and they'd go pick the students up at some unholy hour on a Saturday morning. The students could grab one item besides what they slept in before they were rushed out the door. Soon there would be a cafeteria full of half asleep students. My grandparents, my mom, me, and more devoted parents would be the cooking team. We'd have to arrive at the school at 4 in the a of m to start biscuits, scrambled eggs, gravy, and bacon. Tons. We'd be cracking eggs for hours. Hours I tell you.

My grandpa Vernon was the biscuit master. I ate them every Sunday of my life with grandmas gravy and other fixings. After several years of being the chefs of the Kidnap Breakfast my aunt bought chef hats for everyone. When my mom passed away I of course got hers, but I was blessed to get grandpas also when he passed away.

McKinley pulled it out a few days ago to make omelets for everyone. She looked so cute I had to take a picture. And then Reagan pulled my moms out. But she had a few problems getting it to stay up. No worries. Kennedy stepped in to help.I love that these amazing people are being remembered in such a fun way:c)

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