Monday, August 2, 2010

More Family Fun

The third day of the Funk family visit found me once again dragging Carrie out of bed for a workout. I wonder if she'll ever do a half marathon with me again. Well, if she does, I doubt she'll visit during the training.

I had to go to work and stage a house so everyone I left behind spent the whole day poolside. When I came home I was met by this on my driveway.

Best Cousins:D

I also came home to this.

See what I see?

No, not the trash can.This.

My baby.

In the tree.

Over the top of our two story house.

We both survived.Apparently three full days of fun was too much for poor Amelia. She was up and ready to go soon after her little snooze though. Maybe we all should have taken one!Carrie wanted Ashley to see Bricktown and I wanted to take some practice senior pictures of her so we loaded up and made the trip.

This is my favorite one.We parked so that we could head straight to the fountains.

A good time was had by all.Kennedy wasn't quite sure if she wanted to get wet or not.Even at 14 McKinley can't stay out of the fountains.Reagan...oh my sweet Reagan. She was all about the water.As this picture shows, Kennedy did get in the water.

She will kill me for this picture at a later time. I'm sure of that.This move right here (and the fact that she did it about 10 times) will explain the hairdo she's sporting in the next picture. It took two days to work our way through the tangles.See what I mean?Of course we had to go to the statues.

They all started calmly enough......but soon enough, everyone went crazy.Sweet memories, great pictures, and family time. What could be better?!

Oh, I know what could be better. Getting to be up close and very personal with a dream car.


Kelly said...

That's my youngest son's dream car, well he's saving up to buy a bumblebee car when he is 16!! lol

sportzmom said...

Looks like a great time! Love the statues!