Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let the Festivities Continue

Day 2 of the Funk/4th festivities dawned with me dragging Carrie to the gym for bikes and weights. To reward her for getting up the 5th time I tried, I made her a breakfast she loved next year.

Sheepherder's Breakfast

I even fed AJ Zucchini Nut Muffins again and he ate them! He's a bit picky you see.

Aren't they a cute breakfast group?Shortly after breakfast was over all the children were in the pool. That whole waiting 30 minutes to get in after a meal, we don't do that 'round these parts. Our grandmother Funk would be ticked to hear that. She was insistent on that rule. After Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners we had to wait over an hour.

One of the girls favorite things to do is to stack up as many rings as are currently alive and dive through or jump into them. Because they all like to do it sometimes you have to grab the rings when they become available. And sometimes that involves getting into them in the pool...and then trying to get you and them out of the pool.

Luckily when Kennedy got stuck on the ladder, Ashley was there to help Then standing up can be a bit tricky.Sadly I didn't get a picture of her trying to mount the diving board. You should be disappointed.This seems to be the thing to do this summer for laughs. I'm going to have to try. When I'm the only one in the pool. And zip code.This absolutely cracks me up. He holds his nose to dive. How would water get up there when you're diving in? No one in my family is allowed to hold their nose because I wasn't when I was growing up. Again with Grandmother Funk. But really, it's so easy to learn to blow out.I love cousin time:c)Told you pool toys don't live long around our house. Sadly this one could not be resuscitated.

She tried though.After lunch and a quick run to get snow cones,they were back in the pool. It's really the only fun we have to offer.McKinley might be getting tired of me taking tons of pictures of her.I don't know what gives me that idea.Great, now there's three of them.Toward the end of the day it actually got a bit chilly at the pool.

How did I know since I wasn't in the water?And like I said, she did this everyday. I bet I'd only do this once. Hope I never find out if I could do it twice.As soon as the sun went down we lit the fire and gathered around for s'mores. It's a Funk family visit must.Those that weren't assembling s'mores (everyone but me) continued to enjoy a relaxing evening. Some day I'm going to get one of those!

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