Monday, July 12, 2010

Colorado Day 1

When we got home from Colorado last year we went on and on about what a wonderful time we had at Golden Bell. Shawn's mom thought it sounded like a good place to have a whole family reunion. Parents, four sons, wives, and children. A big ol' party.

I made the reservations and sent out the info to the family. We were of course in, Mom and Dad were, and two of the three remaining brothers were. The fourth brother?? Since we were loud when his wife was trying to go to sleep (at 9 at night) last time we were in Colorado, they wouldn't be going back to the state with us. That broke our hearts because their daughter is exactly six months younger than Reagan and they always have so much fun together. But since his wife won't even speak to us when we're all together (even if you stand in front of her and speak directly to her), it did relieve a lot of our concerns.

We decided to go a few days early so that we weren't traveling on Kennedy's birthday. As we started out we saw this.Isn't Kansas the Sunflower State? This was in Oklahoma.

Since we went the non interstate way so we could see my grandparents old house, we went straight from Oklahoma to Colorado. Who needs Kansas or Texas?

Even though it's blurry, I was happy to snap this picture.Living in Colorado for 10 summers made it a part of me. I feel like it's my second home.

When you see coal trains you know you're in Colorado. Also when you see a loon taking self portraits in the side mirror, you know....that you've found a loon.Finally I saw my mountain. I'm so glad that I did because it was so cloudy the next two days that it was completely covered.Shortly after we checked into our hotel the rain hit. By the time we decided to head to Josh and John's for ice cream the rain had ended and a rainbow was out. What a welcome!Even though we were only 10 minutes from Josh and John's, we couldn't get there fast enough. I of course stuck with my traditional Colorado Cookies and Cream. Kennedy also got it and made me quite proud by eating it with the flat wooden spoon.McKinley chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.Reagan chose Coffee. I'm not sure why but she loves coffee ice cream. When I fix her a cup of coffee she hates it. I keep telling her coffee stunts your growth and that's why I'm so short. I don't think she's falling for it though.And Big Daddy? Well he chose the big daddy sundae. Why not? We're on vacation. He couldn't even be bothered to look up, it was that good.Yep, I would move to Colorado to eat that ice cream whenever I want. I would weigh more than my house, but it would be worth it.Even with an entire wall of choices I can guarantee that I'd still choose the Cookies and Cream. I'm such a creature of habit.On the way back to our hotel we were looking for the street that my mom used to live on in the house that my grandpa built. Instead we found this. She was willing...that was a complete shock. Usually I have to threaten. I think she loves Colorado as much as I do:c)

If you're not bored to tears already stay tuned...we were there for 6 days....still there?

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