Thursday, August 5, 2010

And Yet More

For our fourth day together we did things a little differently.

Of course there was swimming. But this time it was in a downpour. There was no lightning, so why not?

Uncle Kevin drove in for the rest of the weekend and that meant one thing.


Since he'd spent some quality time eating their ice cream as a youngster, he has a deep love. Since Braum's won't have a store anywhere that they can't get to and from in an 8 hour day, Lubbock doesn't have one. So anytime he's near, he goes. He treated all of us:c)

Some of us got a little crazy while we were there.Since Carrie has always liked my bridge pictures, she wanted to go see it for herself. We each took a ton of pictures. What else would you expect from us??I love the jumping pictures! Carrie took hers first because with my Nifty Fifty I had to stand pretty far back. By the time it was my turn the jumpers were pretty worn out. I gave them plenty of warning and after only three jumps got just what I wanted.

Later we'll go into my deep love for the continuous shooting feature on my new camera.I also got a few cute pictures of my girlies. I will never tire of these sweet faces.I of course had to take a back picture. I love these. No teeth to whiten, no eyes to brighten, and cute tushies all around.

Yes I said tushies. I love tushies!This one hasn't been edited, but I love how they're all getting along so well. It wasn't always this cute while they were together.Aren't they cute?We wanted everyone to see the wonderful world under the bridge but couldn't talk Carrie, Amelia, and AJ into it. Look what they missed. Doc Funk standing with his own personal graffiti.This one is new since we were down here last.

McKinley liked him.We had no idea what this said but Reagan saw an 'R' and had to have a picture:D We had more to explore but we all got a text from Amelia saying Carrie was ready to leave. The Funk's immediately turned and started heading back to the car. We slowly followed. After all, we can go back anytime. Who knows what will be waiting for us next time!

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