Friday, August 6, 2010

It's the 4th! Oh, Wait

Since we live in a very small town that revolves around a private Christian university and church, we celebrated the 4th on the 3rd. That worked for me though. Since the 4th is usually non-stop I was looking forward to having the festivities on two different days. We did the parade and fireworks with the city, and had our family party on the 4th.

I actually started out that morning at 4:45 trying once again to drag Carrie out of bed. Since she lives out of state this was the only Saturday that she'd be joining our group to train for the half marathon. I wanted her to meet some people and see how we spend our Saturday mornings. She did wake up and after a rainy 8 miles for me and 4 for her we were ready to party.

Well, actually we stretched quite a bit and then got ready to party.

Oh, and she showered. Lucky dog. I made breakfast for 10 and applied more deodorant.

Shawn, Kennedy, Reagan, Amelia, and AJ were going to be in the parade in the costumes and Kevin was going to walk with them and carry bags of candy for them to toss out. Carrie made sure they had plenty to toss!

Since McKinley said she'd never seen a parade (her memory doesn't go back as far as mine) she and Ashley planned to join Carrie and me on the side. But when it was time for us to leave to go stake out my normal spot, Ashley was no where to be found. Apparently she'd gone to run an errand with Shawn. I had McKinley call and tell Shawn where to drop her off and how to find us. I just hoped they'd have time.

I was so glad that the rain we'd run in that morning had let up...but as I settled into my chair (with quite a bit of moaning I might add) I looked at the sky.

That doesn't look good, does it?

We own four umbrellas. Four. But were any in the car? Of course not.

Oh well, I was still a bit sweaty from the run and the pancakes.

McKinley walked around for a few minutes before it started and found one of her best friends. She was really glad she hadn't joined the parade this year.Of course there were the antique cars I love so much, but this tractor really spoke to me this year.Besides the cute front tires, check out the driver. I wonder if he would come with it?Soon enough our group was coming down the road. I always look forward to getting the jumping shot of Shawn. But this year as he was headed our way something was wrong. I'm sure that only having boobies for one day a year can be hard to get used to, but I wasn't sure if that was the issue.Sumo wrestler AJ looked fine.And lo and behold, there was Ashley! She had just decided to join in the fun.My princess was on her unicorn:c)And my clown was hamming it up for everyone. But Shawn was still having problems. I knew there would be a lot of upset parade goers if he didn't get it fixed and start with the entertaining.Thanks to Facebook I know that he did get his fan fixed and provided his usual jumps and flips for the crowd. Over the next few days pictures started popping up that had both of us tagged.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Facebook??

Shortly after they passed us it started sprinkling. I put my camera away.

Soon it was a bit heavier. I put my camera bag in the car.

Soon it was pouring and I was sitting in the car.

I don't know how, but Shawn answered his phone when McKinley called him and we made a plan to pick them up. By then it was a horrible downpour. I judge rain on how high my windshield wipers are turned on. This rain was a 'high' rain. The 'high'est.

As we parked and waited they came into view. Soaking wet. I quickly got out in the rain and started laying the middle and back seats down flat. Our eight seater car suddenly had to hold ten. McKinley grabbed chairs and started making room. Carrie thankfully took pictures.Of course since there wasn't any lightning, the kids hit the pool as soon as we got home. Man I miss being a kid.

Later that day we had a mini family reunion. Get ready to be confused. My grandparents, my dad and Uncle Kevin's parents, had four foster children for a few years. Then decided they wanted to adopt...two of them. Yep, two. Steven and Teresa soon were my aunt and uncle. But since they were years younger than me I refused to call them that. I remember the talk I had with them. They were to be called my 'cousins'. When they both got to high school they rebelled a bit and both ran away. Since my grandparents are now only speaking to a few family members (the rest of us have been disowned for one reason or another) it wasn't a surprise.

At this point in my life, I keep up with the family members that have Facebook accounts. I know, I know, but it just makes it that much easier. With Steven's wife on Facebook, we keep in contact. Kevin and Carrie are also her friend but because we live about an hour and a half apart, we see each other often. With Kevin and Carrie in Oklahoma for 6 days, we had to get them together. It had been almost 20 years since Kevin and Steven had seen each other.

Still with me?

Basically two brothers were reunited.

Steven is a big ol' kid. He held his daughter Taylin for a while but soon he was entertaining from the diving board and wrestling with every child that got in the water.

Ashton must have been parched watching his dad wrestling, he kept taking drinks from the water gun.Steven must have learned all of his orneriness from his big brother.Kevin saw the girls doing cartwheels off the diving board and had to do one himself. It looked painful but he did three.But apparently the cannonballs worried him since he had to cover his eyes!How cute is this big brother?? The splashes were going everywhere and he decided he needed a mask.And of course there were noodle fights. If Reagan is involved, there's always a noodle fight.After feeding 15 people dinner I was ready to crash but it was time to head out for fireworks. I had read what The Pioneer Woman suggested for pictures and was ready. Except that a friend had borrowed our tripod. I didn't know we had two until the next day. I put on my Nifty Fifty and used a mini tripod. I decided to sit on top of the cab of the truck so I wouldn't have any little ones get in my way. Sadly about 4 explosions in I realized because of our great location, the Nifty Fifty was too much. I needed my regular lens so I could zoom out and get the whole firework in. But not knowing how long the show was, and because I was worn slick out from the days activities, I just stayed put. Out of about 50 pictures, here are the two I feel are worth sharing.After a quick ride home I was excited to see my couch and my bed. We had about 40 friends and family coming for lunch on the 4th so I needed some rest!

And did I mention, we wanted to leave for Colorado on the 5th. I know, I'm insane!

Next:the last day of family, food, and festivities. I know you're on the edge of your seats:D

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