Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finally the 4th

Since Steven hadn't been around family for almost 20 years every greeting was exciting. Sadly I was usually busy getting something ready. This is the only shot I got. See the red spot on Steven's forehead? Think he wore the red shirt to coordinate? He had a little diving accident the day before. Think it had anything to do with the craziness he showed from the diving board? Me, too.

We of course had water balloon launching. But Steven found out that he could shoot pretty high doing it this way.
He cracks me up!

The rain held off during lunch time...but the older generation still dined inside.See my new dining room table and china cabinet?? I'm in love.The younger crowd dined outside.I think we could have eaten for days with the amount of food we had. Reagan waited until everyone else was through though and 'couldn't find anything good'. I hate hearing that.There were certainly plenty of drinks.Snacks, appetizers, and desserts were where I spent most of my time.I think I have a fair amount of counter space but not this time! We had to put the burgers and fixings on the oven.Even with all the food I was so busy checking on everyone else that at 6 that night I realized I hadn't eaten yet. I'd snacked here and there a few times but hadn't had a real plate of food. I remedied that by eating 4 ears of grilled corn. Who needs anything else?

With 55 family and friends around lots of cameras were out. I'm sure the picture he took of me is just as entertaining:DI think the youngest generation was only out of the water to eat for about 17.3 minutes. I remember being just like that. In this same pool.Carrie and Kevin had gotten a call from their oldest son Chris early in the afternoon telling them their house had flooded because of non-stop rain. Within two hours they were packed up and ready to head home to assess the damage. That meant Ashley was leaving:( This was the first time she'd been able to visit and we have no idea when the next time will be. We had hugs, pictures, and tears.Oh, and artwork. They pulled out just as the rain hit.
Our neighbors weren't bothered at all by the rain. They just sat under the tent and ate and enjoyed it.Slowly most of the guests left and the girls headed down the block to play at the neighbors house. A few hours later this walked in our door. I honestly didn't know it was Reagan!After the rain stopped and the sun went down about 11 children came back to swim. We got out the glow sticks we'd forgotten about during the fireworks and they took turns diving for them. Sure wish I'd been able to jump in and take a turn.But I was relaxing in my Adirondack chair hoping that I could sleep for five days. But that of course didn't happen. The next morning we packed and cleaned all day and left for Colorado early the next morning. I'm such a glutton for punishment!

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