Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phoenix-Day 4

So, the adventure is coming to an end. We've had the Pasta Party, we've raced, we've victory danced...what's left?

A massage! That's what!

About 16 Angels stayed an extra day to shop, rest and relax, or go to a spa. Shawn was nice enough to let me do that:) I got on the spa's website and looked up pedicures. $95! Can you believe they charge $95 for a pedicure?!? I decided, just for kicks, to look at massages. I'm so glad I did. A 50 minutes Swedish massage was $95 dollars. Hmmm...just my feet...or my whole body??

Massage please!

Four of us who had appointments around the same time caught a cab and headed that way.

As I was filling out my paperwork it asked if I had any places I needed worked on. I had been shocked when I woke up to find out that only two of my toes were sore. No where else. Then I raised my arms over my head and realized my shoulder blades was slightly tender. I wrote that down on the form and waited my turn.

I wish I'd never let that fact be known. The masseuse was trying to kill me! I was honestly coming off the table, on my toes, quite a few times. Every time I said that it hurt she'd tell me to breathe deeply. I almost sucked the paper cover off the headrest doing that deep breathing! So after my 50 minutes of what should have been a relaxing massage I had a harder time getting off the table than I did getting out of bed!

Luckily the four of us who shared the cab back decided to get in our swimsuits and have a pizza delivered poolside. That made everything better:)

The remaining Angels decided to head out for one last dinner before we flew home. Why they picked the same stinking Mexican restaurant as the first night I wish I knew. Luckily I stopped at a deli and got a delicious wrap to take with me!

In my last post I mentioned our Devil. Poor guy. He joined the 16 of us for that dinner. He looked like the king sitting at the end of our long table. As girls do, we talked like we would if there were no men around. I'd notice his eyes rolling from time to time. I just had to get a picture.
He caught me though:) What do you do after a filling Mexican meal on a last night in Phoenix? Well, if you've run a full or half marathon the day before, you can certainly justify this.
Cake Batter with Heath and caramel.
Come to momma.

We headed out to the pool after dessert and spent about another hour just chatting. None of us wanted to see this end.

As I finally headed to my room I was so content. Not only had I accomplished something I never thought I would...I'd shared it with 48 amazing friends...and helped out an amazing organization.

How lucky am I??


Anonymous said...

The journey was great except the Cold Stone Creamery. I have started eating healthy again since the first of the year and unlike you, I haven't done any exercise so you are killing me with the great pictures. I am still hoping that your inspiration will work for me and that I will at least start trying to walk consistently for long distances and maybe do a half myself someday. For now the eating has shed 11 1/2 excess pounds. Keep on running.

Robin said...

Sounds like you had a great trip and all the training was worth it. Good for you!

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

congratulations!!! I've been really enjoying reading these posts and updates and the photos that are being posted on facebook. You've done well for yourself, Stefunk! A real accomplishment. And how cool to connect with a "Stranger" who reads your blog. You're getting funnier or I'm starting to laugh more.

Kelly said...

I hope you had a great time on your trip! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!