Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Carnage

I'm all about a sale. I hate to pay full price for something.

It's against my religion.

While in Texas I headed to the Hobby Lobby sale with my Aunt Carrie.

Ribbon and tissue paper, ornaments and bags found their way into my cart.

But these.

Hmmm, who would buy these? Even if they are 66% off.

Can't we remove the carnage before the sale?


Kristie said...

Oh, I didn't get that it was broken -- I thought Santa just had an eye patch. :)

miruspeg said...

Isn't that funny I thought Santa had an eye patch as well!!

Hey Steph did you end up buying any of those funny glasses?


Anonymous said...

Emily said someone could buy the angel to use the dress for their daughter's doll. She is always great about finding the light of goodness in even the most bleak of circumstances. :)