Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm not really a waitress...

I just painted my toenails since I knew I was going out of town. Sadly I don't care how they look during the winter because who sees them? But since I'll be leaving town tomorrow to go to a much warmer climate, and will be spending time in the pool, and will have 4 different roommates, I thought it would be nice. I really wanted a pedicure but I've heard so many runners say that a lot of people lose toenails after a full or half marathon. It would stink to pay to have it cleaned, shaped, buffed, and painted and then watch it fall off. I'm way too cheap for that.

So, back to my point. Sorry, I'm rambling. That's never happened before!

As I was digging through the nail polish bag I found an OPI color that someone had given me. It was red. Perfect for an all girl trip out of state. I always have to read the names, just for fun. Growing up I wanted to have the job where I got to name lipstick and nail polish. Maybe I still can. Anyway...more rambling. Good grief.

It was 'I'm Not Really A Waitress.' Hee-hee. I can't even say it without a sultry voice. Sorry you're missing it.

It got me thinking. What other names does OPI use?

Get ready.

  • I'm Fondue Of You
  • Make Men Blush
  • Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
  • Keys To My Karma
  • I Only Drink Champagne
  • Don't Melbourne the Toast
  • Hoodoo Voodoo?!
  • Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
  • All Lacquered Up
  • And This Little Piggy
  • Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
  • At Your Quebec and Call
  • Pink Before You Leap
  • Osaka-To-Me
  • Let Them Eat Rice Cake
  • Have You Seen My Limo?
  • Give Me A Coral Sometime

The list goes on and on. I can't wait to get my pedicure. I might have to check out 'Who Comes Up With These Names?'


Anonymous said...

mrs. o'leary's bbq??


teri w.

Anonymous said...

I love the names too!!

miruspeg said...

I love it when you ramble Steph, you make me laugh out loud.
What crazy names they have for their nail polish....someone with a sense of humour eh.

I will be thinking about you and cheering you on this kind to your toenails!!

Kelly said...

I too love their names and their last too! Hope you have a fun trip and hope you are going further south than us as tomomrrow (friday) the high here is only going to be 42* w/an overnight low of 19....WOW don't quite know the last time that happened here!
Have fun!

Coachdad said...

Love this blog...too funny, the names are great. Enjoy your trip!

Wendelyn DeMoss said...

I used to wear that color too! Good luck at the race! I know it is going to be amazing. Tell Mitch's mom happy birthday and I am praying for her through this experience.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I had to read it a few times, but I finally got it. I'm so sllllloooowww. Traveling mercies, dear one!

Unknown said...

My absolute favorite color of nail polish is "I am not really a waitress". And, REALLY I am not!! I'm a nurse, but who cares, the color is gorgeous.