Sunday, January 11, 2009

Genes or Jeans?

I got the genetic worst of both my parents. I recently ran down the list for my dad and was not surprised that much when he looked stunned for a minute and then agreed with me.

Here's the short list-

*My dad is tall, thin, and has no behind, can't even hold up a pair of jeans. My mom was short, stocky, and round. Cute, until I became that.

*My mom had straight hair that took curl easily. My dad's has a natural wave to it that starts halfway down. I got the wave. It curls, but it doesn't last long.

*My mom had beautiful thin finger nails but they were paper thin. My dad has incredibly wide nails but they're rock hard. I got the paper thin, incredibly wide nails. They don't make fake nails wide enough for my thumb. That explains why I've only had my nails done twice.

Feel sorry for me yet?

There's so many more, but I don't want to depress myself.

So today I went shopping for jeans. Now, since I am not happy with my current size, and haven't been for about 10 years, I usually go to Goodwill. $3.50 is a worthy investment for me. Sadly, it's getting harder to devote 2 hours to dig through the racks and racks of pants and then try them all on. So today, with my head hanging low, I went to Academy.

Since my thighs apparently like each other so much they need to touch all the time (thanks mom) I struggle with picking them out. Mid, low, or high rise? Boot, authentic, straight leg? Acid, dark, or medium wash? Short, average, or tall length? Aaaaauuurrrggghhhh!!!

I don't like my jeans to double as an underwire so I don't go for high rise. Low, well, I don't need everyone to see my lower back tattoo. So mid.

Apparently the darker jeans are stylish now, so dark wash.

I'm a little too tall for short, a little too short for average, and way too short for tall. (Don't try re-reading that sentence, it won't make sense no matter how many times you read it.) I went for average and reminded myself not to wear flats.

Of course the cheap ones were too tight, the mid priced were to high, and the most expensive??? Fit perfectly.

It's my genes. They stink. But my jeans? They're not bad.

Of course, I don't like the size...


Anonymous said...

Alas, another great reason to keep on running. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the run. Think of where you would have been if you hadn't started running. Oh, never mind, that is where I am. You are an inspiration and I hope to be where you are this time next year.

Coachdad said...

Wow...what a great post. I am going to become a stalker...I mean follower. Really enjoyed your writing.

Coachdad said...

Thank you so much... having been blogging for only a week, I was worried no one would ever read my stuff. Means a lot to me that you did...

Natalie said...

hahahaha... oh you crack me up.