Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm going to the prom! Well, maybe.

On our recent trip to Lubbock I got to spend some time with my cousin Tyler and two of his friends, Zach and Garrett. They're all great guys. High school seniors, lives in front of them.

They're also hilarious and kept me in stitches the whole time I was with them.

The subject of the prom came up because Zach and Garrett are going, and Tyler won't even consider it. I jokingly said that I would come down for it and go with him. He was not amused. It turns out that Zach and Garrett don't have dates in line yet either. Soooo, to make a long story short, because I've never done that before, I might be an emergency date!

I of course would want to go with Tyler, he's my cousin and we get along really well. But...since I've never been to a prom before...I think it would be fun to go with Zach or Garrett also.

I found out they both think I'm hot:)

And 23!

So they're not the brightest guys, but very observant!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to go! I never went to one either.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

that is so funny. i actually have this bizarre humor that tells me to plan a virtual blogosphere prom for all gen xers who missed it. we'll all send in photos of the dress we wish we'd worn or would have worn. you certainly had me laughing.

as a side note, it is really hard to read the links in green against the rust background. =0 maybe i'm going blind in my old age.