Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yes, it's my birthday

But that doesn't mean I have to have fun. I did get a bunch of myspace and facebook comments from great friends. And while working on a charity silent auction today I did go out to lunch with friends and one brought homemade cupcakes. (Yes I had two. Do you have a problem with that?) But....

***Disclaimer*** This is about to get whiney and complaining. The faint of heart might want to check out here!

After voice lessons, with help from my sweet mother-in-law, I got McKinley in hair and makeup for musical dress rehearsal. And by the way, it's scary how good that girl looked in full makeup. We dropped her off at school and headed with the in-laws and great grandmother to the Arts Festival to watch Kennedy and Reagan perform with their dance group. Even with a handicapped parking tag (that was hard to give back) we ended up on the wrong side of where we needed to be. We made the trek though and ended up at the stage with plenty of time. The girls were great and made us all proud. Just before the last song was done it started raining. It had tried to all day long but waited until we were pretty far from our car to actually do it. I left umbrellas, raincoats, and everyone possible, took Kennedy and ran! We made it to the parking garage before the hard rain came but got stuck trying to get out. Poor grandparents and Reagan, they were sitting in the rain. All of this dashed my plans of inhaling an Indian Taco and Funnel Cake. I think I might have burned the intended calories with the dash to the car though.

We settled on a restaurant, picked up my aunt, and floated there. Long story short, I didn't get a menu, the waitress didn't take my drink order, my burger (yes, burger and cupcakes...moving on) had pickles on it, I couldn't get a refill, and I got a shake but no song sung to me...I kept tearing up.

Know what made this day so much worse? Shawn is in California. Yep, not Oklahoma. I talked to him briefly during dinner but couldn't control the tears so I quickly hung up. He called back a few minutes later and told me to check the porch when I got home. Guess what I found?
Oh my word. I still miss him...but these helped!

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