Monday, April 7, 2008

Basketball brackets, cute coaches, and mascot fights

I have never been a sports fanatic. I do watch my local schools home football games and know all the words to the alma mater. (I know you're impressed) I also love to watch our local university play and would never cheer for the other state university. But March Madness, that's another story.

I have always LOVED to watch the March Madness games! They are usually nail biters, last minute, overtime games. I don't really care who is playing, I just want to see a good game. My family has joined millions of other people who make brackets and wage their knowledge against others to see if we can pick the winners. I joined that group two years ago and sat with my printed out bracket completely overwhelmed. I searched into the depths of my brain to try to figure out where to begin. States I had visited? Schools where I knew someone had attended? Some of them I had never heard of! How was I supposed to figure out if I had visited that state?! Then it hit me, cutest coaches. I had a dear friend years ago who picked football teams by the cutest quarterback. I could make this work.

Six hours. Yep, it took six hours to visit every schools athletic website and find a picture of their coach. I had up to eleven open windows on my computer. It came down to the Florida coach. He was a really good looking man. I must say, I did pretty well. Lost a few of course but still stayed on top of the family bracket. And guess what? Florida won the whole thing and I won $100!

Last year I was too busy and didn't get around to it. This year, I was back at it! Texas, Texas was my guy. I also, just for fun, made a separate one on which mascot would win in a fight. Well, to spare you the gory details...I lost. I lost miserably. About three weeks ago all my choices for the final four had lost. As I sit here watching the Jayhawks and the Tigers playing, I'm a little disappointed but still excited to be watching a good game.

And just so you know, it took a long time to research the mascots as well. Do you know that a Tar Heel is actually a derogatory comment about hicks? Or the the Gaels are named after the Gaelic language? You can learn a lot.

Well, gotta run. 3:36 left to play and Kansas is behind by 5. I guess I need to quickly look at those coaches again!

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