Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Reagan is a proud team member of 'The Crew'. When the team started last year there were three girls. By the end of the first practice there was one. The other two left in tears. Reagan can hold her own with the boys. Most of the teams they play are all boy also.

There are some problems though.

Her hair does blow in her eyes a lot.

And the boys can cause trouble on the benches.

And her sisters are usually too cold to watch and cheer.

And some time the other players just aren't doing what they're supposed to do.
But she has those long legs.

And scores quite often.

At a dollar a goal she's raking up the dough!

And apparently she gives great back massages.

And another good thing about being the only girl on the team...if they ever have to practice 'shirts and skins', we're guaranteed she'll be a shirt!

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