Thursday, April 17, 2008

Couch to 5k

***I originally wrote this blog September 12th on my myspace page. It will let you know what I was going through during the 9 weeks of training.***

I'm a quitter. If you're going to read my blog you need to know that about me. I pride myself on being able to talk myself out of doing just about anything that I don't like.

I am currently 4 weeks into a 9 week running program that I have started so that I can run in the Race for the Cure on October 20th. I will finish the day before the race if I stay on schedule.

I have tried this program before and, of course, quit when it got hard. This time I have made it farther then before and I refuse to quit. This time I have motivation, a reason, and a purpose.

My mom died of breast cancer almost 12 years ago and I'm doing this in her memory. Every time it gets hard I can think of her and it just keeps me going.

I need you all to hold me accountable! Check on me, question me, see how I'm doing! I hope I'll appreciate it:C)

***I should mention at this point that I was truly blessed to have a friend that was also doing the training. She lost her mother when she was 12 to a brain tumor. When I explained to her what I felt God was telling me to do she immediately told me she would join me. What I didn't know then was the she had been a runner before and had even done a half marathon! She's currently my hero:) Because she worked full time we were only able to run together once before the race but her e-mails kept me motivated and on track.***

More to come!


Anonymous said...

35 years ago on Feb. 2nd my Grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer. The next month, my Mom found out she was pregnant with me. I was named after my Grandma. I miss her even though I never knew her. Breast cancer robbed me of a relationship with, what I've been told, a wonderful woman.

I will be walking the Race again this year in her memory. I bring my oldest daughter with me.

I had heard about your Mom. I am sorry.

Beth Miles

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

As hard as it was for you to lose your mom, it must have been 10 times harder for her to leave you. I always think of this when I recall your story about how she died so young, 54?? I love your blog.