Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hope you guessed it!  Seussical the Musical!!!

I had never seen this one.  Which is weird because I am a huge musical fan.  I was feeling kind of disappointed in myself until I realized this has only been on Broadway and touring.  It hasn't been made into a movie or shown on tv.  My girls went online and found some clips of it to prepare for auditions, but I never did.  I wanted to be surprised:)

Neither of my girls got the parts they wanted....and we all had to come to terms with that.  They of course ended up happy to be in it and with their friends, so we all moved on. 

So I had 2 Whos, 1 Circus Folk, 1 Fish, and 1 Hunch.  That's between the 2 of them.  Practices started in January and I didn't go to a practice until last night.  I'm so glad I waited!  I was completely drawn in from the moment it started and kept forgetting to take pictures....which is why I was there. 

But I did catch some good shots.
There are my two Whos. Kennedy has the highest hair and McKinley is on the far left end.
There's my Fish.  Well, she's one of them.  I promise.  The black light has made a wonderful addition to our musicals! 

There's my hula hooping Circus Folk on the right.
And there's our elementary principal.  Four performances.  That's a lot of green.
And finally, my Hunch.  She's the one with the lines under the eyes. 
And our high school principal!  He was my Algebra 1 & 2 teacher and I heart him.  He's retiring in December.  Or at least he thinks he is, I'm not going to let him.
And not to be outdone, our Superentendant and middle school pricipal.  I love that our school system is so small that they are able to do this.  And I love that our director always makes a place for them.  And I love that they're just nice guys.
And not to ruin the ending for you all who plan on seeing it...but here's the Elephant Bird. It was so cute! I need to find where they got it and get some for the girls. What a fun memory that would be.

So the musical was a huge success and my girls had a wonderful time.  And we've already found out what next years will be....Annie Get Your Gun!!  Not only one of my absolute favorites, but one that I was in when I went to the same school.  I.  Am.  Thrilled!

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