Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Love

I know that I am constantly falling in love with things.  New phones, photography things, food...but this is a new love. 

I have found the perfect toenail polish. 

For about three years now I have been completely faithful to OPI's Midnight in Moscow.  It's the perfect black without being black.  That makes sense, don't worry.  I strayed a few times, but always came back. 

My friend Karmen gave me the best tip a few years ago.  Own the color you get when you go for a pedicure.  That way if you get a chip before you're ready to go back you can fix it yourself.  That tip has saved me so many times. 

I had forgotten to take my perfect shade a few months before the San Francisco half marathon so I picked a pretty purple.  I loved it.  It was so TNT purple.  When I went back for my pre-trip pedicure I picked what I thought was the same color and it turned out pink.  Bright pink.  Luckily our Mitchell's Angels shirt were pink so it all worked. 

Since then I haven't had a pedicure.  I'm not in training so I can't justify it.  My feet look bad, yes, but that doesn't matter.  Well, I found a way to make it justifiable.  When you put your feet into bed at night and slip them under the sheets...and the sheets go with's time.  Luckily I started training for my next half marathon a week later. 

When I walked in I knew I wanted purple.  The purple I'd had before.  I picked the darkest one I could find and set in for my time with the massage chair, I mean the pedicure!  But something happened as my lady was shaking my bottle....I saw what the lady next to me had on.  I instantly asked for it.  Five minutes later it was mine. 

So here's to my new love.

It's glittery, but dark, but light. Yes, I know that makes no sense. Let me 'splain.

In indoor light it looks brown.  In outdoor light it looks purple.  And in direct light it sparkles. 

Hello perfect color! 

I'm thinking it's time for another pedicure:c)

And in case you are wondering, I believe it's China Glaze.  I'm pretty sure that's the only brand they have at my place. 

Go forth, paint!

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