Friday, April 1, 2011

Times Are A'Changing

Growing up across the street from my current house meant I was here all the

Plus, the only kids in the neighborhood lived here. 

And I was a latch key kid. 

And I was bored a lot. 

And, they had a pool. 

So basically, I was here all the time playing with Jeff and John. 

Oh, and Harold, my second Dad, made amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And Martha, my second mom, would set a place for me at the table with no question or invitation needed.  The only way they could keep me away was on sauerkraut night.  I could smell it at the porch and would just head back home.

I played basketball, rode bikes, skateboarded, and just about anything else to pass the time in their extra long driveway.  But what two of my girls and a neighbor friend did over the weekend never happened when I was growing up here.
Makes me wonder what their children will be doing in the driveway.  Not that my girls will ever be allowed to grow up and get married....

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