Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scenes from Staging 2

We are back at it again!  Staging two new model homes for a local builder.  In the smaller home we are staging it from top to bottom.  In the larger home we are doing light staging; kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath. 

You know what that means!  Shopping!!

Here are some of the fun things I've found this week.

This is apparently a big trend now.  That thing is $400!  But don't worry, it's half price.
After seeing this two weeks in a row I have decided I'm still confused.  Is it a parody of a psychiatrist...or is it an insult to pear shaped women?  Either way, it's just wrong.
 It takes a lot of pillows for four total beds. 

People stare when you buy this many pillows.
 This?  This just cracks me up.
After going to two of the biggest furniture stores in town back to back I found out that artichokes are all the rage.  

I don't think I'd put a big, heavy, pointy, fake artichoke on my couch though.

Oh, and we bought this love seat.  And the matching couch.
We did not buy the artichoke.

Try not to be disappointed.

And then there's this. 

I need this.

I want this.

I can't live without this.

But I have to.  It doesn't go with my 65 year old house and my traditional furniture.
I'm sure they won't mind if I come in from time to time in my jammies with a cup of coffee and a People magazine and curl up for a while.

They're cute jammies!


Outofmymind said...

You are SO CUTE! You had me giggling. Thanks for making me smile.

Cozyflier said...

I want the shower curtain! And if they give away pillows, I need some new pillows for my guests when they come! Hint, hint, hint!!!

I want to redo the guest bath, and that shower curtain would be a great launching pad! don't you think?