Thursday, April 7, 2011

i heart crumbs

I have a sweet friend I met when I joined the Phoenix Mitchell's Angels.  I fell in love with Renee the first time she opened her mouth.  She's hilarious!  And sweet.  And cute.  I could so easily hate her, but she won me over with her humor.  Not only does she run and entertain me with her Facebook status updates, she also bakes.  Amazing things.  And she wanted me to take pictures of her creations so she could start a website and eventually a bakery.

We started with cupcakes.

My newly purchased studio lights and I showed up at her house this morning ready to go.  But the girl wasn't ready!  Her excuse?  She can't do the math to half a recipe so she just made 11 full recipes of cupcakes.  They were everywhere.  Literally. 

As I set up she got started.  6 pounds of butter, 9 bags of powdered sugar, a Prozac, a 5 hour energy drink, and a Red Bull later...she'd made 9 different recipes of icing and frosted enough for me to photograph.

Here are some of my favorites.


Cozyflier said...

So, who ate all the cupcakes?

marufhosen said...

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