Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ball

I had to leave my house today.

I had to peel myself out of bed today.

I had to shower today.

I had to put makeup on today.

I had to fix my hair today.

I had to take the 4 x 4 car from Shawn today.

I had to find my Cuddl Duds, coat, and gloves today.

Why you ask??

My girls are going to The Ball.

Not just any ball though, the Daddy Daughter Ball.

And two need a dress and new shoes.

And one needs to come home from her extended stay with another family.

Oh, and I need to finish designing a website, buy an adapter for my camera, and pray I don't break any of the expensive lighting I've borrowed for the posed pictures.

And maybe shave my legs.

But that one is debatable.

1 comment:

Cozyflier said...

If it is a snow day, why didn't the ball get postponed?!?

Glad they all had fun.

Still waiting on pictures.