Monday, January 31, 2011


It. Has. Begun.

Snow and sleet. Snowcropolis 2011. Here in Oklahoma we have every type of weird weather. We had a picnic in my Grandma's driveway Saturday. I was sweating while digging through treasures in her storage units. Right now I hear the sleet hitting the windows.

Only in Oklahoma.

If you are somewhere that has weather like mine, be careful and stay home!

Hope you have plenty of groceries:c) One of my neighbors went to four stores for milk and couldn't find any. There's Facebook talk about getting a neighborhood cow.


Cozyflier said...

Yes Stephanie, Lubbock has weather just like Oklahoma! 70* on Saturday and -9 today! I don't know if we got 4" or 6" of snow Lots of blowing wind too!

The grocery stores were CRAZY yesterday! We actually have a snow day!
Hugs, stay warm too!

Adrienne said...

We got some crazy weather here in Missouri also! Walked to the grocery store today, they are working double and triple time to keep stuff stocked. I think it is done for now... but we wish everyone else who is getting this storm lots of luck!