Friday, January 14, 2011

Roll Call

I take roll each Sunday in our Sunday School class. It was a job I wanted for a long time. I can't exactly explain why though. But it is mine. Our class has 257 people on the roll but attendance ranges from 80-130. So basically I'm busy for a while. And since our class often gets first time visitors, I have a lot of people to remember. I can look at someone I've known for 10 years and not have a clue who they are. But I can look at a visitor that's there for the 3rd time and know exactly who they are.

How, you might ask.

My notes.

It's necessary. Very necessary. We have had 20 visitors on one Sunday before. If even one of them comes back the next week, I need my notes to help identify them.

What type of notes? Glasses. Long hair. Tall. Short. Permed hair. Highlights. Any identifiable characteristic.

At a recent class council meeting they decided that having a second person who knew enough people to take roll would be a good idea. I can't be there every single Sunday of the year and have about three people I call to fill in. Each of them knows about a third of the people. I'm not good at math, but I know enough to know those aren't good odds. The first Sunday we were both there she asked me a ton of questions and I felt pretty confident in her abilities.

But over the last few months each time that I'm gone when I get back I find notes that she's written to help herself.

And they crack me up.

The first time this couple was here I wrote down 'incredibly curly hair' next to this ladies name.It also works for my assistant.

I wrote this also when this couple came to visit. It's like we're one person.

'Big guy' is a perfect description of this man. Well, he's tall. Like 7'5". Okay, maybe not that tall, but the last time he sat on my couch I should have moved the coffee table a across the that he wouldn't have looked so uncomfortable.So we notice the same things. But....this one escapes me.And cracks me up. I wonder if this actually helped her. I asked yesterday when we were both at a meeting. The laughter from everyone that heard me ask drowned out any answer she could have given me.

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Cozyflier said...

Cracked me up! Well, you left us in suspense... Did it help her? What was her response? Do tell!