Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Word Feud Again!

Since I blogged about the wonderful app that came into my life, I've been busy! About 40 people have requested games with me. As I said, I've won about 50% of them. I'd like to say that the games I've lost were close, but not always. I'll just leave it at that.

I went to to see how people are finding me. Here are the hilarious results.

*Word feud Stefunk
*Word feud chat not working
*Word Fued (I like this one. I'm not the only one who spells it wrong from time to time.)
*Stefunk Word Feud
*How to play word feud
*Word feud addiction (I don't know anyone who has one)
*People resign word feud immediately
*How much chat goes on in word feud
*Word feud chat
*How does word feud find opponent
*How do you finish a game of word feud
*Is it rude to resign in words with friends if you're loosing (misspelling was them, not me)
*Husband chats online with other women in word feud
*Resign from word feud
*Word feud chatting
*What does resign on word feud do

Wow. And wow. I love it!

Something happened on the night that I went out to celebrate 16 years with this hot guy I know....he got an android phone. It was time. He's been living in a house for over a year with three women who have phones and cool apps. All the app talk was starting to get to him.

Because of that we always have two games against each other going on. He requests a game with me, and I request one with him. I've won all but one game. I didn't need to tell you that, but I felt like I should:D

On Christmas Eve I played both games back to back.

Here's what happened. The same word in two different games for the exact same points. I impressive myself!

And then yesterday this happened. I'm still apologizing for it.

Sorry honey!

But..come closer...I need to whisper something...IT ROCKED!!!!!

Again, sorry honey.


Robin said...

Greg and I have been playing Words with Friends (same game on iphone) for several months. I've only beat him once. He usually destroys me. Don't know why I keep playing with him. Maybe you need to play Greg and I need to play Shawn. Then Shawn and I might have a chance.

Cozyflier said...

When I went to read your other post it was blank when you first posted it! oh well. I sure hope you were at a red light since you were in the car!

Don't have a smart phone so I can't play, but I'm sure I would be addicted! I love these type games, I want Chicitionary on my Mac!