Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Air Soft

When McKinley and her friend and I got back from a day wearing me out at the mall, we found this in the living room and dining room. Remember the air soft guns and target? Well, here they are. In my living room and dining room. Not exactly what I had envisioned. Especially since it was over 70 degrees outside.

In December.

And that light next to the target? That was the light on the piano. It used to have a shade on it. But as we were driving down our street McKinley and Paige saw a boy selling the paper that they recognized as the new creepy guy from school. They rushed into the house, through the shooting area, and stared at him through the front door. When we were finally able to remove them from the entry way, Paige's jeans caught on the glass shade. Bye bye shade.Shawn of course challenged me, and soon it was my turn. I can hardly beat him at anything. Any-thing. He is quite competitive, in a nice way though. The bowling victory of mine a few days ago was rare. Rare I tell you.

I tried my best, but I came no where near beating him. And how, you might ask, do you know where a tiny little plastic pellet lands when you're pretty far away?

The videographer of course. Actually she wasn't video taping, she was just looking at the zoomed in image of the target and keeping track of the points on her Daddy's cell phone. The piano light was making it easier to see.

My man thinks of everything I tell you.



Cozyflier said...

Only Shawn!!!

Anonymous said...

ha - i love it!

is that your christmas tree to the right of the target? can we see a closer up pic? it's so pretty!

Le said...

Hi Stef - thanks for following the third :) your girls are just divine ! love those pics down the sidebar - best le