Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where Have You Been All My Life?

About two years ago I asked Shawn for something.

A piece of plywood.

Oh, and also a hinge.

And a latch.

You see, I had a vision. A vision for my 40+ year old laundry room. That would make my life easier in just the smallest way.

He didn't see my vision.

Fast forward to a month ago when the ugly, hideous, atrocious wall desk that has been in our bedroom for way too many years finally came down. It was like the Berlin Wall here people. I have hated that thing since the day it came in the door. But you know what? He finally saw my vision. And a big plus, I didn't need the hinge and the latch.

I give you...the folding shelf.

And please excuse the rest of my laundry room. I could have cleaned it all up to take the pictures, but that would be a lie. The laundry room in our house is where the dog lives, eats, drinks, and uses her litter box, where I do laundry, and where everything that doesn't have a home goes to live.

Please tell me you all have an area in your house like this. I need to know it's not just me. If it is just me, I might start humming, braiding my hair, and drinking vanilla extract straight from the bottle.


Moving on.

See how it just folds up out of the way so my children can stuff clothes down in the sorter?

Think it's time to do the warm load??

It's perfect for folding Shawn's shirts.

Know what we did when we got home from our honeymoon?? Oh get your minds out of the gutters, this is a family blog. Shawn taught me how he wanted his t-shirts folded. That would be the Navy way. Not the Army, the Navy. He was currently serving in the Army. We had a lesson time. I had to show I could do it before we could continue with our lives. But if we're going to be honest here, it's also a good place to put things that are waiting to be folded. I did clean these off tonight. By folding them. Because now there is a sweater air drying there.

It's sad that my life can be made so much better by a piece of wood and a vision....isn't it??

Don't answer that.

Goodbye forever.


Cozyflier said...

I use the top of the dryer for folding and drying. Well at least for drying. I usually fold clothes in the den! I hang most of the clothes directly from the dryer onto hangers. I only fold T shirts (Disney Way)!!! And I'm proud to say I don't need a folding board! I'm a skilled folder-er!!!
I'm glad your life is easier!

jean said...

The dog uses a litterbox? (yes, that's what I honed in on...)