Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Debacle

Can we just pause a moment and take in the fact that this is my 500th post??


Okay, let's move on.

I made the Easter candy, ingredients for dinner, present run Friday night. While I was gone Shawn and four girls set up the tents in the backyard. Kennedy's friend Emma was the fourth. I unloaded and put away all the gifts and groceries and sat down for a 30 minute break and Facebook time. I was trying to decide on a status, because I do that you know, and finally decided on...'is the Easter Bunny. Shhhh, don't tell.' As I typed that I realized, I was in the house alone and it was a decent hour, why not fill the eggs? I always end up doing it on Saturday evening, close to midnight, after cooking and cleaning all day long. I know, I'm a genius. I ran upstairs to grab them out of the attic, pausing only a moment to be upset that there were 50 swimsuits spread across the floor. Since I was alone I didn't have any lights on but I know my house so well (I've been in it since I was 7) that I wasn't worried. As I came to the last stair I started falling. I'd thought I was on the last step, but instead I was one from the end. As I fell I somehow tucked my left foot under because as I landed it was on the top of it. I basically tried to touch the back of my toes to my heel. Yes, a little foot taco. I instantly started crying and rolling around on the floor holding my leg. When I finally composed myself I realized the house phone and my cell phone were in the den. Two rooms and two stairs away. I started crawling. It took me 10 minutes to crawl in there and get up on the couch. I called Shawn in the backyard (Thank the good Lord for cell phones) and told him I needed a nurse. While I waited for him to get in I started filling the eggs. What else was I going to do?

It took us about an hour to decide that it was a good idea to go to the ER. Since it was a big weekend where I had a lot to do, I really couldn't wait until Monday to see my regular doctor.

Now, who to call to come over to take care of the girls? We usually call my Aunt Janis but it was 1 am and we knew she wouldn't be up to crawling into the tent. So, wake up the girls and bring them in, or find someone else. That's when I thought of my cousin Tyler. He never sleeps. He was over in about 20 minutes and we were off. A funny thing about Tyler being there. We thought the girls wouldn't even notice that he spent two and a half hours out there. But the next morning Emma told everyone that a teenage boy had crawled into the other tent, stayed a while, and then crawled out and Shawn got back in. I couldn't believe she hadn't freaked out and started screaming! Guess she wasn't completely awake.

We were taken into the hospital quickly and waited for the doctor. When I explained what had happened he asked if I'd heard a pop or snap when I fell. I told him all I'd heard was about 100 eggs hitting the floor. When I told him I was training for a half marathon he said we should hope my foot was broken because breaks heal faster than tendon damage. After eight x-rays he came in with his head down and told me it wasn't broken. I've never been so disappointed to hear something wasn't broken. But my tendons aren't torn or twisted...they're 'tweaked'. That was his term. I was sent home with pain pills and crutches. By 4 I was tucked into bed with a buzz and an ice pack.

The next morning I started planning my attack on the day. I had to make almost all the food so that I could just pop it in the oven after church. With help from Shawn and Kennedy I was able to make something, take a break, and start again. I had a kitchen chair next to me to put my leg on but I still had quite a bit of pain. I'd work as long as I could and then go ice. Shawn vacuumed and ran every little errand I asked him to. Halfway through the day Reagan's teacher showed up with Walter. Walter saved Easter. I felt it deserved a name since it was so wonderful. Walter the Wheely Cart. Thank you Cindy! I love him!But, so do the girls. He's not always where I leave him. The crutches are also a hit. Kennedy climbed into bed with me Saturday morning and asked what had happened, hugged me, told me she loved me, and asked if I got to keep the crutches after I was better. I had to laugh.

So with Walter, my family, and those blasted crutches, I survived Easter. But what has all this taught me? My lifelong procrastination habit could have saved me all this struggle. If I'd just stayed on the couch and not decided to fill the eggs, I would have been fine. That's a life lesson right there folks. No cost to you.

Tomorrow, what I've learned about myself and life while hobbling around. I'm sure you all are on the edge of your seats:c)


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! Way to go!

I wanted to do something special for my 100th post but by the time I thought about it I was up to about 130+. Oh well. I'll have to wait for my 500th. :)

Outofmymind said...

OH, sweetie, I did the same thing. I was outside with my sweet Rosie (my dog), at 5 am. and thought I was on the last step.I did the same thing to my foot but it was my shin I damaged, and I was going to yell for my husband but didn't want the neighbors to hear me and most of all see me in my ugly nightgown so I crawled up the steps and flung myself onto the couch with my leg propped up and fell back to sleep. When I woke up at 7 and showed my husband my leg it was swollen and REALLY purple. It is SO painful. My prayers are with you!!! Kelli

Robin said...

I've noticed that you are a tad bit accident prone.

Remember when you had your butt in a sling. Sure you do.

I hope you heal quickly.

Yeah!! 500th!!

A rootdigger said...

Congratulations. In another month it will be my anniversary and I doubt I could say how many posted posts I have made. Half the ones mentioned by the Post log are still in draft. So good going. Your blog is so enjoyable. jo

Cozyflier said...

yea, 500! Sometimes we just need to procrastinate!!

I'm glad my son could 'rescue' you!

Feel better.