Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Grief

Did anyone notice that in my last post about how busy I am I forgot to end the last sentence?

Yep, that's how crazy it is right now. I can't even finish a sentence.

Coming soon.

Why my birthdays suck.

Let me warn you now, it will involve whining.

But really, don't most of my posts include that??

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Outofmymind said...

Here is a look at my grandma's opinion on birthdays. "Never act your age and people won't be able to guess it" and "Your not old till your dead", so I keep acting like a teen and nobody believes I'm 51. Plus my grandma is old now that she passed away at 98. Just keep everyone doing for you on your day as well as all month and act silly in public. At least it will make you smile!!!