Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Well On My Way!

Thanks to amazing friends, some I don't even know in person like Kim and Peggy, and some awesome family like Robin, I have reached $1,150 in my fundraising!

But I still have a long way to go. If you feel lead to donate please visit my LLS page.

Because Mitchell's family will be moving to Texas at the end of May, Tracy will not be able to be our mentor. A mentor sends out e-mails, is always available for any questions, and is just an encourager where needed. I was honored when I was asked to fill that need. And to be asked to attempt to fill Tracy's shoes, wow. I will never come anywhere close to giving the encouragement that she gave me and all of the Mitchell's Angels. But I'm honored I'm being given the chance to try. So wish me luck!

Since our team Saturday morning runs start in the middle of May I really need to fast forward this healing on my foot. I told a friend today that if I could just take two weeks off and not do anything, I'd be fine. But as many other moms know, that just isn't possible. So for now I just overdue it every day and around 7 I try to make up for it by putting it up and alternating heat and ice. So far, no good. But I'm hopeful. It feels great every morning!

So, here I sit, relaxing....thinking of the millions of things I need to be doing. Typical mom thinking, don't you think? Man, considering I'm on pain pills, I'm doing a lot of thinking!


MzNadine420 said...

What kinda pain killer you on?? I need it!!!

Cozyflier said...

Girlfriend, if I'm ever going to complete this Marathon with you, I HAVE to get better and so do YOU. Take a few days OFF!!!!

Yes, my house is falling apart, work is probably screaming for me to come back, and the kids want things, but life goes on!

AJ has learned how to do laundry!! So, slow down and REST!!!!!

miruspeg said...

What a great honour bestowed upon you Steph and I am positive you will fill Tracy's shoes admirably!

You have a HUGE heart and encouragement will come naturally because this is such a great cause and such a terrible disease you are all fighting to eradicate.

Also listen to Carrie she is talking alot of sense!

Lots of love and light coming your way.
Peggy xxxx