Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I Am Stressed

What I'm currently working on:

*Tickets sales for the All School Musical which starts Thursday
*Fielding up to 20 calls a day from people who don't want to go buy tickets on the days they are being sold
*Having two children in the musical
*Doing hair and makeup for both girls Tuesday through Saturday because the makeup person is scary and mean and consistently late
*Taking pictures at all the dress rehearsals to sell on show nights
*Editing the 3000 pictures I've already taken to choose 100 to have printed and put on cds
*Heading up the 5th grade promotion for 107 students. I send out e-mails, notes, hold meetings, handle all the money, and coordinate all the days events and the parent volunteers
*Working on a fundraising auction. I have to describe each of 100+ items to create a program from.
*Running a 5k this Sunday
*Fundraising $3500 for a half marathon in October
*Having a garage sale Thursday-Saturday. I'm selling our things to raise the $1000 needed to buy pool paint and selling donated items to go toward my fundraising.
*Pricing all the stuff that wonderful friends and family have given me to sell. I haven't seen my 200 square foot patio in three weeks because of all the stuff.
*Healing! I am still having a lot of foot pain but only because I can't take any time off to heal!
*Getting costumes together for Book Character Day this Friday. Why oh why would they have this the week of the musical and the week before state testing?
*Staying calm and organized. I'm really trying.

Things I'm not currently working on:

*Working out. I ran Monday and rode the bike yesterday but can't fit it in again until the 5k Sunday.
*Cooking. After making 9 dozen cookies (for a dress rehearsal) and 3 loaves of bread Monday I haven't been home a night all week to make dinner.
*Cleaning. I am working on laundry because apparently the people I live with need clean undies. But the rest of the house is in shambles.
*Calorie counting. I have given up hope on that until Monday. My birthday is Friday so I have just decided to celebrate my birthday all week. I've been good, but I haven't counted.
*Staying calm and organized. I don't think I'm doing a good enough job.

Wow. Seeing it all there typed out makes it


Annette Gunter said...

I am exhausted just reading the list! ;)

Robin said...

Ok, you seriously need to learn to say no, or delegate. And teach those girls how to do laundry!