Friday, May 1, 2009

I Might Have A Problem

Think I'm stressed?

And sleep deprived?
Yep. I'm living up to the whole 'crazed mom' thing that started this blog.

Stay tuned for details.

If I survive.

And if someone could come peel me off the ceiling I would appreciate it.


Kristie said...

Stephanie, both my car and my computer desk look like that every day. It would be embarrassing, if I hadn't gotten used to it by now. :)

Amber said...

I just threw away 2 sonic cups yesterday...i think im addicted to Vanilla Dr.Pepper =)

jean said...

It took a massage, a trip to the chiropractor, several naps, and a yoga class to make me feel back among the living after being sleep deprived last week. I don't think I could survive being a mom - you're all WAY tougher than me! Props to all of you!

And b/c I'm not a mom, I have the whole car to myself most of the time - I had to clean a BUNCH of stuff out of it to get ready for my trip this weekend. At least you have someone else(s) that you can blame... :-)

Cozyflier said...

It could be worse!!!

At least it is just Sonic drinks!

miruspeg said...

Just stopping by to peel you off the ceiling Steph!

OK now you are on the floor again why don't you go for a know you want to. It goes like this.....left right left right left right left right left right, skip a little...get the picture. BTW take your camera with you, you are going to see something special.

Big hugs

Loren said...

hahaha! Cute.

Debbie said...

How is the History/professional organizer coarse coming along.