Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's That Time of Year

Around here I lovingly refer to the activities that happen in May-May Madness. Field trips, concerts, end of year picnics, voice and piano recitals. I hope each year that I'll live to see June. Add a broken coccyx to the mix this year and I've been pretty miserable.

Last Thursday we were headed to the piano recital. I had spent the whole day at a field trip with Kennedy to the state capitol and surrounding area. Basically I walked way too stinking much. By the time we got to the recital I was in tears. Luckily Shawn stepped in and took pictures for me. They turned out so cute.
The next day, after barely surviving a field trip to the zoo, we headed to state contest. Each of the girls had to get a 1 at district contest in March to go to state. Reagan got a 1+ and got her very first trophy.
Kennedy got a 1 and got a medal and McKinley's 1- got her a ribbon. But since McKinley and Kennedy had both been apart of the Merit Program they each got a trophy. Thankfully everyone left with a trophy so I didn't have to deal with any tears!!
Everything else but the last day of school parties is over. I have three parties, in three different places, to go to tomorrow. Luckily at least two are in the same town!

Come Saturday I will be trying to enslave my children to work in the backyard.

Wish me luck!


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

you're a wonderful mother. really - an inspiration.

jean said...

I've heard people say that May is as busy as December - and I think that they're right! The girls look so cute at the recital - and I love their painted nails! Hang in there - June is almost here...

deedee said...

Wishing you lots of luck!

Cozyflier said...

Congrats on the trophies and ribbons! They all look so cute!

Like you, I'm so looking forward to June. This week has been total Chaos!

I think us Moms are looking forward to the end of school and such more than the kiddos!