Friday, May 15, 2009

Wait. Where?

Growing up near OKC I had field trips to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. It was so much fun. The basement was the kids area and was always fun to play in. As a college student and school bus driver for a local district I often found myself driving trips there. I still wound up in the basement. I loved the barbed wire display. Along one wall were displays of all the different types of barbed wire. You would think there was only the one kind, but there are thousands! A ranch can use their own design on the wire to signify their property line.

Along the years the Cowboy Hall of Fame went through some major changes and became the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum. During the change it lost it's coolness, and it's basement. It is kind of all fancy schmancy now. It has galleries, cowboy bouncers,and some pretty boring tour guides. Still, it's a school field trip destination and for out school it's where you go in fourth grade. After studying Oklahoma history and taking part in the Land Run re-enactment, it's only fitting.

After a craft, an explanation of the state flag (where even I learned something), and a gallery tour (zzzzzzzz), we were set free to wander on our own. The three girlsI was in charge of were sweet and after a few minutes in the kids building we headed back to the main building.

We headed to the indoor kids area which is strangely dark but strangely fun for the kids. I personally only like the entrance. That's where my name is:)I was finally able to talk the girls into heading into the area where my beloved barbed wire is now held. It's lined along two walls in pull out upright drawers.I picked a random drawer and pulled. Would you believe, I pulled the one in the whole museum that had my daughters own barbed wire on it? I did!And here is what Kennedy's Barb looks like.After a few more drawers we headed to the branding irons.Did you know that branding irons could be so entertaining? They apply to all ages, too.

Here are some of my favorites. This ranch I actually drive past every time I go to Lubbock. It has beautiful grounds, stables, and buildings. I drove by once after sunset while there was a slight mist falling. The horses were in the stable and a dim light was turned on in each stall. I almost drove off the road looking at the beautiful sight.But my favorite? I do not advocate using this word. It's not allowed at our house. But I laughed, hard.As we left that gallery I saw him. He'd been moved from near the entrance and I'd complained to anyone who would listen. But when I saw him, it was okay. He was still tall, dark, and handsome.I mean, just look at that face. Such a cutie.But then I turned around. This. This is a little too much boobage for a field trip.She should be embarrassed.


Cozyflier said...

Well, I didn't know barbed wire had names!!! Looks like your had fun, sorry you wore yourself out.

Hope you are recovering with your broken coccyx!

Jon and Steph said...

I loved the Cowboy Hall of Fame, (Western Heritage Museum.) The last time I went was a couple of years ago. It is very fancy now!

And yes, that is a little too much boobage for young kiddos!

flamingoluvinmom said...

I'm glad you didn't mention the scalding we mom's got for talking. I also agree with where's the fun basement?