Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stinking Technology-2

My baby was out of state yesterday. My oldest baby, McKinley. She had a show choir contest in Dallas and after the contest they spent the rest of the day at Six Flags. Since I am still in surgery recovery Shawn was blessed with the joy of taking her to school at 3:15 in the a of m. Luckily she got to ride home with a friend and her dad so neither one of us had to go pick her up at school at 2 am.

I was not feeling well so at 9 last night I was already out. I woke up shortly before 2 and asked Shawn if she was home. I am a nervous mother and needed to know she was safe. Shawn told me she wasn't home yet but could track her through her cell phone. He went to the office and looked up her location. When he told me she was on our street I ran to the front door. The porch light was on and someone had locked the door that I'd purposefully left unlocked. I quietly cursed Shawn for locking our daughter out of the house and went out on the front porch and looked down the street.

No cars. No headlights. No anything.

He joined me and we both waited.

After about 5 minutes I asked him where it had said she was. He told me it said she was 102 yards away. Even in my drug induced sleepy state I knew that meant she should already be there. A football field away at 25 miles per hour....meant she should already be in my arms.

I asked him to check again. Into the office he went with me at his heels. This time the locator said she was at our house!

As I turned to run back to the front porch I noticed something...her the foot of the stairs. Yep, she was home. In her bed. Safe and sound.

I turned around and lit into Shawn. How could he make me think my baby wasn't home when she was safely asleep upstairs??

Apparently he'd been crashed on the couch while I was crashed in bed.

And we all know we can't trust technology...

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Cozyflier said...

So, you didn't enjoy your special alone time on the porch in the WEE hours of the morning????

Glad she was safe, technology is ONLY good when it works!